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It is such a pleasure and joy to read your comic strip! We are in the midst of our FCAT testing at our school this week which is MOST stressful! Your comic strip has become a treasure beacon of light at the end of what seems like a never ending tunnel of testing! Your comic strip provides us with so many situations we can identify with as teachers! Some of those moments only other teachers can appreciate the humor with! Thanks SOOOO much for your comic strip!    

-Marlene Marlene A. Bozeman, Teacher


"Thanks so much for your comic strip. You pack more insight into four little boxes than the NEA packs in its entire magazine." -Kathy Alford, teacher


"Thank you ... for your comic strip, "Mr. Fitz."  What a special way to promote reading and learning and to communicate with the community!"     

-First Lady Laura Bush


"As a fellow teacher, let me tell you how much I enjoy your strip.  Any teacher in the world could relate to the comments and the situations that you share.  You give insight into what it is really like to be a teacher..."  -Jeff Limber, teacher


"'Mr. Fitz' lights up my day!"  -Jennifer Houdeshell, teacher


"'Excellent' is one of the adjectives that comes to mind in describing your work."  -Kitty Miller


"I appreciate your sending on copies of your delightful Mr. Fitz. I especially like the one where you did all the characters and the variations of attitudes in The Martian Chronicles. I deeply appreciate this and send my best wishes to you. God Bless," -- Ray Bradbury Ray Bradbury Enterprises

Above: the first Mr. Fitz strip from March 28, 2000.  I'm thinking my drawing has improved some.




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